Small High Performance

150 Series

Rapid 150 series is a small high-performance granulator that is primarily intended for “beside the press” recycling of sprues and defective small products. Immediate grinding directly at the production machine allows the regrind to be returned directly to the process. It raises the product quality and avoids accumulation of sprues and reject products. 3 widths are available in standard version with capacity up to 70 kg/h.

PowerTECH- For tough materials:

Glass-filled and other abrasive materials can be a challenge in terms if wear on knives, screen, and granulator housing. 150 series PowerTECH version has wear-resistant housing, screen, and knives with specially treated stell that reduces wear from the abrasive materials.

Recycled material with properties of virgin resin:

Knives of the highest quality and Rapid’s unique knife placement that maintains a constant distance between the screen and the housing, help produce regrind with properties equivalent to virgin raw material. You can feed the granulated material directly back into the process without any intermediate storage, drying, ect.

Staggered Cassette Knives:

Staggered and angled placement of knives on the rotor allows more cuts per revolution. More cuts in turn produces a much smoother and energy-efficient granulation that results in a regrind with smooth edges and melting properties equivalent to virgin raw material. Special manufacturing process and use of high-quality steel help ensure the small cassette knives have a very long service life, and when its time to change the knives, it’s a quick and hassle-free process.


  • Easy cleaning – for material and/or colour changes.
  • Highest possible regrind quality.
  • SOLO – standard models with flexibility.
  • DeltaTECH – standard models with flexibility.
  • PowerTECH – configured for filled/abrasive materials.
  • Cassette knives – quick and easy knife changes.
  • Constant Cutting Circle (CCC).
Customer Feedback
"TH Plastics’ developed a bespoke solution for Kautex Unipart, primarily comprising Moretto equipment: blenders, dryers, hopper loaders, suction unit with sound enclosure, dust filters, material feed pipes and metal separators".

Engineering Manager

Kautex Unipart

"They helped us with everything; the design of the solution, what we might need, sourcing the kit, installation, integration and on-going support 24/7. 365 days a year. They guided us through the whole process which was great".



"As a result of our initial dealings with TH Plastics, we had high expectations of the company, but I have to say that even these were surpassed. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding and the speed and safety with which the work was undertaken made the installation a joy to witness. And, when the installation was complete and the system was switched on, it worked perfectly immediately".

Advanced Manufacturing Manager

Kautex Unipart

"TH Plastics were excellent at every stage, from initial site visits and concepts to equipment supply and testing as well as the complete installation on site. I received a personal service from the outset. TH Plastics did a very good job; they did what they said they would and they did it extremely well".

Engineering Manager

BPI Rhymney

"I was particularly impressed at how proactive the team at TH Plastics were when we asked them to provide a reference site. They responded immediately and arranged for us to visit Maxell Moulding Services in Telford, where TH Plastics had delivered a factory move installation. The Manager at Maxell was extremely positive about TH Plastics and we were impressed with the standard of workmanship on site".

Productions Director

Fern Plastic Products

"The new materials handling and drying system TH Plastics designed has exceeded my expectations. It's significantly more efficient than we had at the site, so far yielding a 40% reduction in energy consumption and I expect that figure to increase in future."

Head of Production

Maxell Moulding Services

"TH Plastics has designed and developed a unique solution for our specific needs that has reduced labour costs, reduced energy costs, increased efficiency and uptime, and at the same time improved product quality. They have a unique way of working in the industry, providing a unique facility for prototyping and developing new concepts and solutions that no one else offers. Their team is the only company that I know that offers such a uniformed process from beginning to end. All the team are technical engineers with a commitment to solving customer issues and getting the best results".

Senior Production Engineer


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