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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives at TH Plastics

At TH Plastics, we strive to provide a sustainable workplace, using methods that limit negative impact on both our employees’ health, and the environment. We regularly promote the benefits to a sustainable workplace by; minimising waste and recycling wherever possible, as well as encouraging employee health in various ways. All of our operations are conducted in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation. Pollution prevention and environmental best practices are incorporated into everything we do.

Green Initiatives

Due to the recent rise in energy prices and our recent office move, we have been focusing on how to become more energy efficient. We have looked into introducing solar energy by making the most of our available roof space. It is still an ongoing development with further details to be confirmed, but it is an exciting project for TH Plastics and our long-term sustainability goals.

We also make every effort to avoid the unnecessary use of hazardous products and materials, substituting them when feasible, and take all reasonable precautions to protect the environment and human health when handling, storing, and disposing of such materials.

Furthermore, our head office facility ensures that water, electricity, raw materials, and other resources are used efficiently, particularly non-renewable resources. The building is fitted with automatic lights, . the offices are equipped with recycling bins for paper, plastic, and waste in order to promote the recycling of these materials.

TH Plastics Warehouse also promotes the reuse of cardboard boxes so that they can serve more than one purpose and eventually be recycled when they reach the end of their usable life.

TH Plastics recognises that a healthy and sustainable workplace leads to happier workers, which in turn increases employee productivity and reduces work-related illnesses, injuries, and mishaps. This contributes our overall success and business reputation.

It is our constant goal to improve our environmental performance and minimise the negative impact on the environment. We have started to migrate to hybrid and electric cars as part of our company car scheme. As part of our Head Office renovations, electric columns will be installed.

Due to the fact that our suppliers are located in Europe, we make sure to consolidate all deliveries in order to reduce the emission of CO2 and reduce energy dissipation, greatly reducing our environmental footprint.

In addition, we carefully select our couriers to ensure that they operate greener vehicles and look into the possibility of providing direct delivery routes in order to reduce mileage and impact on our carbon footprint.

We are pleased to have taken another step towards conserving and protecting our environment.

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