The function of the material handling equipment is crucial in achieving good quality end product, which is why our customers invest in it. However, no matter how much money is spent in the area the full benefits of the system cannot be seen unless the system is used and maintained correctly.
In many plastics processing plants, the material handling process is all too often neglected and seen as unimportant to the end product, however in reality this is quite the opposite. When the material is efficiently delivered to the machine, at a consistent high quality, it is processed much easier.

The purpose of our training packages is to ensure all people working with, or involved in the material handling system know the following:

  • How the system works
  • What to do and not do with the system
  • How to keep the system working to its optimum
  • What to do if you have any problems

Training can be tailored for varying levels of expertise, from basic operator to technician, and from individual machines to full systems. This can be done both on site and off-site at our in house training facility.