K Show Run Down

16 November 2022

To strengthen our international connections, the TH Plastics team made a trip to Germany to visit our partners Moretto, Rapid Granulator and Altero Machinery at their K Fair exhibition stands.

Our sales and senior management team joined 3,330 exhibitors from 63 other countries in Düsseldorf at K Show 2022. The K Show, which takes place every three years, serves as the flagship event for the entire plastics and rubber industry worldwide. The exhibition area of 1,926,363 m² welcomed 220,000 visitors who were able to learn about a wide range of products for injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming and much more.

The Moretto stand captivated visitors with its emphasis on innovation, research and development. The stand displayed energy-efficient equipment such as their patented OTX drying range, the RCV Cooling equipment and their range of pumps. Moretto had new ideas to bring to the show, including a micro version of the DGM Blender for up to 30kgh, a space-saving gravimetric dosing unit,  as well as the new TLT Tilter for oktobins, which are the latest products to launch.

During the exhibition, Moretto reiterated its commitment to its long-term ‘Be Tomorrow’ project, which focuses on reducing electricity consumption, increasing recycling and using bioplastics while promoting environmentally conscious behaviour and green processes, research and continuous innovation. It caught the attention of visitors, especially from the medical, PET, and automotive industries, who were already familiar with the benefits of the Moretto products, and its energy-efficient technology.

Our partners from Rapid Granulator also made an excellent impression at the fair, three new products developed in time for the K show. They proved once again that they are world leaders in the manufacture of sustainable equipment for plastics recycling. The new Raptor DUO was unveiled on the stand. The highly regarded Raptor range, with its patented ”open-hearted” design, will now be available with a true ”open-hearted” integrated granulator to reduce available footprint needed to shred and granulate. Rapid’s continued focus on developing equipment that is tailored to the needs of the public sets the company apart from the competition.

Also on the stand was Rapid Connect, Rapid Granulator’s new Industry 4.0 solution. It has been specifically designed for live monitoring and reporting on all granulators and shredders. The Rapid Connect control system integrates the performance of the recycling machines into your ERP system and provides a 360° view of your utilisation level.

The latest product Rapid has introduced is the Rapid GT series. This granulator is specifically designed for the in-line processing of skeletal waste from sheet and film thermoforming lines. Your ERP system can be integrated with the Rapid Connect control system to provide a 360° view of your recycling machine performance.

Finally, we were also on hand to help our partners at Altero machinery. Altero’s first K show demonstrates the company’s rapid growth in recent years. On display at the stand was the VELOX 80 pelletising system. This impressive machine features interactive software and control panel, IR heaters and an oil cooling mechanism. Altero’s machines can help plastics manufacturers recycle their plastic waste through smart and sustainable solutions. The Altero team has worked hard to develop products that are extremely efficient while achieving the maximum return on investment. They have carefully designed and developed every aspect of their product. As one of the most competitive pelletisers on the market, it offers an unbeatable return on investment, which is why the stand was crowded with customers and admirers from start to finish.

Jonathan Pankethman, UK Sales and Marketing Manager at TH Plastics, attended the event. He said, The K Show never fails to disappoint, it’s sheer size is enough of a spectacle, never mind the millions thrown at wowing potential customers by a variety of different suppliers. It is great to see the latest innovations in Plastics Manufacturing, an ever-evolving industry that has to move with the times given the constant spotlight that is thrust upon it. We were delighted to see how hard the manufacturers we represent had worked on showcasing their latest innovations and tried and tested product ranges. That, coupled with impeccable representation from their sales and technical teams made for a multitude of interesting chats with different types of plastics manufacturers. A big focus of the show seemed to be the environment and reducing energy usage across the sector, so it was great to be involved with our partners in discussions on how we can help to make processors lead a more circular production method.”

There is no question that K Fair is the world’s leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. We at TH Plastics are delighted to have been able to stand alongside our partners to showcase the very best-in-class of the equipment on display.

For more information, contact TH Plastics on 01457 855 514 or visit www.thplastics.co.uk

TH Plastics and the Moretto team stood next to the impressive OTX dryer and stand.


Rapid Granulators and TH Plastics proudly displayed the new Raptor DUO shredder


Altero showcasing their VELOX 80 pelletiser, software and control panel, as well as, IR heaters and oil cooling mechanism.

Customer Feedback
"TH Plastics’ developed a bespoke solution for Kautex Unipart, primarily comprising Moretto equipment: blenders, dryers, hopper loaders, suction unit with sound enclosure, dust filters, material feed pipes and metal separators".

Engineering Manager

Kautex Unipart

"They helped us with everything; the design of the solution, what we might need, sourcing the kit, installation, integration and on-going support 24/7. 365 days a year. They guided us through the whole process which was great".



"As a result of our initial dealings with TH Plastics, we had high expectations of the company, but I have to say that even these were surpassed. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding and the speed and safety with which the work was undertaken made the installation a joy to witness. And, when the installation was complete and the system was switched on, it worked perfectly immediately".

Advanced Manufacturing Manager

Kautex Unipart

"TH Plastics were excellent at every stage, from initial site visits and concepts to equipment supply and testing as well as the complete installation on site. I received a personal service from the outset. TH Plastics did a very good job; they did what they said they would and they did it extremely well".

Engineering Manager

BPI Rhymney

"I was particularly impressed at how proactive the team at TH Plastics were when we asked them to provide a reference site. They responded immediately and arranged for us to visit Maxell Moulding Services in Telford, where TH Plastics had delivered a factory move installation. The Manager at Maxell was extremely positive about TH Plastics and we were impressed with the standard of workmanship on site".

Productions Director

Fern Plastic Products

"The new materials handling and drying system TH Plastics designed has exceeded my expectations. It's significantly more efficient than we had at the site, so far yielding a 40% reduction in energy consumption and I expect that figure to increase in future."

Head of Production

Maxell Moulding Services

"TH Plastics has designed and developed a unique solution for our specific needs that has reduced labour costs, reduced energy costs, increased efficiency and uptime, and at the same time improved product quality. They have a unique way of working in the industry, providing a unique facility for prototyping and developing new concepts and solutions that no one else offers. Their team is the only company that I know that offers such a uniformed process from beginning to end. All the team are technical engineers with a commitment to solving customer issues and getting the best results".

Senior Production Engineer


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