TH Plastics unveil innovative solution

We are delighted to unveiled our latest product – a box filling solution to meet the demands of the plastics industry.

Our Glossop-based company was tasked with creating a solution for one of our clients to help automate the process.

TH Plastics’ new box filling station

We exhibited the box filling station for the first time at an open house to mark the 25th anniversary of Arburg Ltd, a leading injection moulding machine manufacturer, at their UK headquarters in Leamington Spa.

Steve Lane, our Technical Sales Engineer for Midlands and the South West, gave a presentation to the 60 delegates about the new product.

He said: “The box filling station generated a lot of interest among the visitors. People were keen to hear about the features and benefits and why we developed it.”

We also exhibited a small dryer, two colour dosing options and a water heater alongside other suppliers including Cleanrooms, Plastribution, Keyence, City of Wolverhampton College and Polymer Training and Innovation Centre.

How it works

Boxes are loaded into one side of the box filling station and filled with a precise number of parts before being moved along the production line – eradicating the need for weighing or manual counting. If any problems arise, such as more boxes being required, an alarm will sound to alert the operator.

The benefits

Steve added: “The benefit to the customer is the reduction in labour. This system means that one operator can operate several box filling stations at the same time, simply ensuring empty boxes are loaded and full boxes are unloaded.”

The CE marked, IP-rated machine eradicates spillage of parts and the enclosed conveyor reduces the risk of any contaminants.

The Perspex side allows the user to see the machine in action and reduce health and safety  risks. It is operated using a bespoke touchscreen control and requires just a three stage set-up – allowing the operator to input the quantity required per box, the number of mould impressions and the conveyor empty time. An operating manual has also been developed by TH Plastics.

The energy efficient machine also has the capacity to produce a simple sample for quality testing and a dump box facility.

The double layer conveying minimises the footprint and is suitable for a range of applications and industries including injection moulding, electrical, medicinal, pharmaceutical and trade moulding.

The machine can also be manufactured with both end or central filling positions to accommodate customer requirements.

We are now working on standardising the box sizing to offer customers a range of off-the-shelf solutions.

Steve added: “The unit is staying at Arburg’s factory for the next month because they have customers that might be interested in purchasing one.

“It’s something that the market has been crying out for. This machine has been designed and developed to meet a gap in the market and a significant number of companies would benefit from our solution.”