Taking the guess work out of polymer preparation

A new product that takes the guess work out of polymer preparation was unveiled by Moretto at a German exhibition.

Visitors to Fakuma, an exhibition focused on the plastics industry, were able to learn about the benefits of the new Moretto Moisture Meter – the only system on the market with the ability to control the moisture level during the drying process.

Attendees travelled from neighbouring European countries and even as far as the US for the week-long show.

The Inline Moisture Meter offers sophisticated on-line moisture analysis and control that ensures the end product is of a consistently high quality.

Moretto Moisture Meter

The product is suitable for a range of sectors – such as those that work with technical plastics that are difficult to process, automotive trade, injection moulding plants and extrusion.

Plastic pellets passing through the meters are scanned and measured in real-time every 2 seconds allowing for accurate dosing.

The state-of-the art meter is available in two versions – MM Box and MM Plus. The box version is suitable for small hoppers and mini dryers, medium range and high capacity hoppers, while the Plus version is suitable for medium and high capacity.

The Crown version – which sits at the top of the hopper – analyses the incoming granule into the hopper in real time and communicates it to the X Dryer, while the Box – which sits beneath the hopper – analyses and provides the X Dryer with the ability to control the final moisture value as part of the closed loop system.

The patented system involves constant communication, ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption and offers a 15ppm accuracy measurement. And provides material quality reports at a frequency that suits each individual requirement.

The moisture meter with touch display and a preloaded material database, comes with a range of communication ports, storage data log and is able to connect to MOWIS; Moretto’s supervisory system.

James Goddard, Internal Sales Coordinator at TH Plastics, said: “While the dryer itself takes out as much moisture as possible, the moisture meter system provides validation for this critical process.

“The moisture meter talks to the dryer and tells it when it needs to provide more or less drying capacity, therefore reducing unnecessary energy consumption.”

For more information click here http://www.thplastics.co.uk/product/drying/moisture-meter-2/