Spotlight on the innovative dosing and blending solutions at TH Plastics

At TH Plastics we take pride in supplying a wide range of highly innovative dosing and blending solutions to the plastics industry. Our product range has been developed to ensure that work processes are completed with precision and that productivity remains high, whilst labour costs are kept to a minimum.

One such product on offer is the DGM GRAVIX gravimetric dosing unit. With its innovative, Super Easy touchscreen and parameter icon representation, the DGM GRAVIX has been designed specifically for easy, simple management of the machine, which can help to save time and reduce mistakes. Due to the hardware and software architecture of the system, this GRAVIX dosing unit has high connectivity, making it possible to download data through the USB or Ethernet port, or even switch to wireless.

Another fantastic product in our range of dosing and blending units is the DPM Pulsed Microdoser, which is specifically designed for dosing masterbatch to natural virgin plastic materials. It’s also available in versions for dosing three or four additive components. The DPM can be used in tandem with a ROTOPULSE system or a double eyelid shutter device and does not need a mixer. As a result, this prevents the separation of materials due to vibration or over-mixing.

The final product in our dosing and blending spotlight feature is the DVM volumetric dosing unit, which have been meticulously designed to provide reliability and ease of use. High performance is ensured as a result of the control unit, which is based on a microprocessor that makes programming a flexible process. A vital feature with this equipment is that it allows users to set their own dosing percentage. In addition to all of these standard benefits, the DVM does not need any maintenance and guarantees long-term reliability.

If you would like to talk to us about our dosing and blending units, please send us an email through our contact page or call us on 01457 855 514.