Spotlight on DVM-H Volumetric Dosing Unit for High Temperatures

A volumetric system doses material according to the space it occupies (ie, its volume) and only measures the volume of the ingredients.

Because the dosing device does not weigh the components, it must be calibrated to ensure that the correct mass is dosed over a set period. This means it must be recalibrated every time a new material or batch is introduced.

volumetric dosing

The DVM-H Volumetric Dosing Unit for High Temperatures

While great attention is paid to ensuring low humidity levels in polymers, it is very often forgotten or not considered sufficiently that masterbatch can contain a considerable amount of humidity. DVM H is unique among its type of volumetric screw dosers, designed for high temperatures, for dosing additives or master-batch in the form of granulate.

It can be combined with the DRY AIR dryer for drying treatment of dehumidified masterbatch up to 180°C. The dosing body is thermally insulated in order to limit heat dispersion and it is installed on a vertical support column just like an ordinary doser.


  • No water
  • High temperatures
  • Thermally insulated
  • Direct percentage set-up

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