Recycling for Cycling

Sydney-based start-up OORR – Out Of the Rat Race – has produced a premium quality cycling road jersey made from recycled plastic bottles, and is seeking international distribution.

Says Director Tim Christian: ”Without sacrificing quality, we are producing premium technical apparel using recycled materials. We are giving consumers a clear choice at the checkout – do they want a premium jersey, or a premium jersey that’s green?”

The OORR jersey is made from a wickable fabric which uses odour-eating nanoparticles which are not chemical in nature, and so are safe for people and the environment. These nanoparticles – unlike silver – stay permanently bound to the fabric. Christian said the nanoparticles are also more effective at banishing odour than silver.

The jerseys came to life after researching a frog species which lives in bacterially-infested water with no ill-effects.

OORR plan to ‘provide you with the best gear on the market, and do it with a focus on sustainability. No flimsy garments that are going to fall to pieces after the first wash.’

Further garments currently in the design stages, and which are hoped to be available in 2016 are summer jerseys and shorts, socks, caps, and arm and leg warmers.

Who knows…maybe this year’s Tour de France winner’s yellow jersey will in fact be green?

If you have a similar idea, or would like to speak to someone about the possibilities of manufacturing from recycled plastic, why not come and talk to us. TH Plastics is an experienced supplier of recycling equipment, so can find the right product for your project. To find out more contact us on 01457 855514.