Moretto Objects Windows Interactive Supervisor

Supervision - MOWIS


Integrated supervision system with multi-user platform based on a server and suitable for the management of complex systems. A highly modular system developed by the in-house Development Department.

The MOWIS licence supports the active FEEDING, DRYING, DOSING, STORAGE, and COOLING modules and integrates them with one another.

MOWIS guarantees total product traceability and control of system conditions in real time.

  • Basic licenses from a minimum of 2 up to 1,100 clients depending on system requirements
  • Investment based on effective needs
  • Multi-user platform for different functions
  • Auto-configuration
  • ETHERNET connection for remote connection and assistance
  • Integrated WIRELESS connection
  • Interfaceable with management systems (SAP, ERP…)
  • No annual fee

MOWIS can be configured by the user, making it possible to create a specific layout for each department independently and to follow each department’s evolution. The department clone is an advantage in interpreting the system in emergency situations.

Various process control platforms can be implemented into the MOWIS project, including:

  1. Mold control: automatic recognition of the mold
  2. Barcode control: unique identification of the material
  3. RFID: automatic phase recognition
  4. Lot: handling of material lots
  5. Proder: handling production orders
  6. ITEM-GO: reverse process management (the product guides and controls the process in reverse)
  7. SERVICE: integrated management of routine and emergency maintenance

These modules enable the elimination of human error, guaranteeing a certified process and controlled quality.


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