Inline Metal Detectors

Inline Metal Detectors

Reliable detection of all metals

  • Ferrous
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass

Effective metal separation for installation on material suction lines for vertical or horizontal orientation. The inline range automatically rejects when metal is detected during the conveying phase, diverting the contamination into a hopper. For use with granulated chip, ground materials and virgin polymer. The quick reject mechanism keeps disruption to the conveying cycle down to an absolute minimum ensuring that throughput demand can be met on the machines.

Key attributes:

  • Fast reacting reject system with powerful actuator
  • Compact dimensions and design
  • Tube inlet and outlet ports allows for quick and easy connection onto existing pipework with compression fittings for minimal downtime during installation
  • Designed for a full range of applications and throughputs with a variety of sizes available from 38mm to 80mm
  • Interference shield and removable anti-static sensing tube allows for immunity against interference
  •  “Product effect compensation” system guarantees continuous sensitivity and hassle free operation; “Product effect” cannot create false rejections
  •  Equipped with self-monitoring features ensuring the operating pressure and reject functions are permanently monitored.
  • Auto-test button is fitted with the installation of all free fall metal detectors and malfunctions are indicated

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