Cyclone Filters

FC cyclone filters represent an effective solution in the conveying of plastic granules or dusty regrind materials. The vortex effect contributes to separation of dust and aid with the preservation of the filter. Automatic air-free cleaning keeps the cartridge efficiency high with low requirement for maintenance. Where maintenance for inspection is required, the FC range offers easy, hinged access supported by a servo-assisted device.

During the system waiting time, a bypass valve allows the suction unit to draw in atmospheric air for cooling and to prevent multiple stop and starting of the machine. A large dust catchment vessel with easy access, quick locking system and wheels for simplified handling is supplied as a standard feature.


Version for CHIPS and POWDER


Version for TALC and CaCO3

  • Automatic, air free filter cleaning
  • Cyclone effect filtration
  • Removable catchment vessel
  • Bypass valve
  • Robust build
  • Easy access for filter inspection