Opinion on recycled plastic is being recycled

Concerns about what industry experts are calling ‘unprecedented challenges,’ this week saw Defra’s Resource Minister Dan Rogerson call an emergency meeting with some of the major stakeholders in the plastics recycling supply chain.

Falling oil costs have seen prices drop to under US$60 (£40) a barrel for the first time in five years, urging Rogerson to call on retailers to switch back to recycled plastic packaging

The reduction in price has led some businesses to switch back from recycled polymers to virgin plastic in a continued commitment to the recycled plastic packaging industry.

Said Rogerson: “The plastic packaging supply chain has worked very hard to increase the amount of packaging being recycled. I welcome commitment from across the supply chain to deliver on the existing agreement. This week’s meeting makes clear our commitment to go even further, continuing to embrace new technology to make sure more recycled plastic is used throughout the supply chain.

”This industry-wide commitment to recycling is delivering real environmental benefits and also creating jobs, helping to build a stronger UK economy.”

Attending the meeting were representatives of the packaging, dairy, resource management and reprocessing industries. As a result, stakeholders also committed to improve their recycling rates further under the voluntary Courtauld Commitment and the Dairy Roadmap, which commits dairy farmers to increase the recycled content in plastic milk bottles.

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