Maximum performance, minimum consumption

Moretto are delighted to bring to market their new X Cooler – an innovative modular cooling system.

The X Cooler (RCV) is capable of connecting up to six units, creating highly efficient systems with cooling capacity up to 900 kW.

X Cooler

The cutting-edge technology is equipped with screw compressors with variable flow, high efficiency evaporators, centrifugal ducted fans and electronic expansion valves that, even in this case, guarantee high performance and optimise the consumption of a compartment of high energy consuming departments.

Michela Carrer, Chief Marketing Officier Moretto, said: “Cooling is a very energetic process for which Moretto developed new solutions that can respond adequately to the needs of the sector: maximum performance, constant service, minimum consumption.”

The X Cooler is a cooling system suitable for heavy-duty applications and inherits the X MAX spirit of Moretto’s Eureka product range as it develops into a concept of great efficiency, modularity and easy expansion over time.

Moretto’s cooling systems are designed to guarantee high and constant performance thanks to the storage capacity and to the double-pump circuit making the system independent from the central system. The products also boast high energy efficiency and are modular for growing businesses.

Modular X Cooler

James Goddard, Technical Sales Manager at TH Plastics, said: “As the sole distributor of Moretto products in the UK we are delighted to offer the X Cooler to not only meet the needs of the market, but also provide the most advanced energy saving cooling system to our customers.”