Material Handling Solutions at TH Plastics

At TH Plastics, we are delighted to be the only UK distributor of Moretto Plastics Automation, putting us in a prime position to sell their wide range of material handling solutions. In this feature, we will be highlighting some of the key products in this range and describing what they can do and why they’re such innovative products.

The DLF Dolphin is an automatic manifold that has been specifically created for material-machine allocation in plastics conveying plants. Each arm is independent and managed by a pneumatic cylinder, thus ensuring a very efficient easy-to-control automation system. Diameters available range all the way from 50mm to 90mm.

The TLC is different in that it’s a manual manifold. In a centralized conveying system, the manifold plates assign the different materials to the processing machines, so that several users can share the same material.

The ONE WIRE system is the backbone of our centralized systems. Main features include simple installation (single cable bus structure) with easy expansion. The communication structure consists of a local network. A single ONE WIRE server can control up to 47 receivers and 16 suction units. The intelligent control system observes the order of priority. It can be connected to the Master 200 Remote Control Unit, which allows users to program and control it by the Master 200 palmtop. This ensures easy management and safety of the parameters set. Master 200 is a portable unit.

Another innovative product in our material handling range is the KruiseKontrol. Which is an automatic speed control. Vacuum transport is not a simple process as it may seem. Different types of granule have different characteristics that influence the transportation phase. These differences influence the transport phase and each type of granule has a completely different behaviour. All these aspects have been taken into account in the development of KruiseKontrol. The user indicates the type of material to be transported and the number of the machine to be fed, and KruiseKontrol creates the most suitable set of transport parameters for each polymer. It is capable of controlling the velocity best suited to each material, without damaging it and controlling the speed inside the pipes. The result is the total elimination of powder formation and the complete elimination of the “angel hair” phenomenon.

If you would like to talk to TH Plastics about any of our innovative material handling solutions then please call us on 01457 855 514 or email us through our contact page.