KruiseKontrol wins patent battle

Moretto, a leading plastic automation company, has finally won an appeal about a dispute concerning their product KruiseKontrol.

The European Patent Office (EPO) has officially recognised Moretto’s KruiseKontrol as the only fully automatic and intelligent plastic material conveying system in the world, which guarantees the best transport conditions of every plastic material granule.


For years competitors have tried to downplay the product as ‘a simple inverter’ and in 2011 a competitor opposed the KruiseKontrol patent, losing the appeal two years later.

Once the user indicates the type of material that is about to be transported and inputs how many machines are to be fed, the state-of-the-art machinery will create the optimum transport parameters for each polymer.

Moretto has developed KruiseKontrol to control the velocity best suited to each material, without damaging it and controlling the speed inside the pipes. The result is the total elimination of powder formation and the complete eradication of the “angel hair” phenomenon. Operation of the system is simplified by the use of touch screen controls.

Lee Thomas, Managing Director of TH Plastics, the sole UK distributor for Moretto Plastics Automation, said: “Moretto is aware of the added value that KruiseKontrol can offer to its customer.

“It has continued a research and development path that has introduced to the market an intelligent automated conveying solution and where KruiseKontrol 6, with ONE WIRE 6 integrated electronics, is the Revolution 4.0 in the transport of the plastic granule.

“There are hundreds of customers who are enjoying KruiseKontrol’s performance today. We want to thank them for putting their trust in Moretto, who will continue their passion for investing in innovation.”

Moretto S.p.A. researches, develops, and manufactures automation systems for the plastics processing industry. They are renowned for their systems, which stand out for their low energy consumption and original solutions.