KruiseKontrol – Automatic Speed Control

Vacuum transport is not as simple a process as it may seem.

Different types of granule have different characteristics that influence the transportation phase. These differences influence the transport phase and each type of granule has a completely different behaviour.KruiseKontrol

All these aspects have been taken into account in the development of KruiseKontrol, an innovative system realized by Moretto that can optimize the transport parameters.

The user indicates the type of material to be transported and the number of the machine to be fed, and KruiseKontrol creates the most suitable set of transport parameters for each polymer.

It is capable of controlling the velocity best suited to each material, without damaging it and controlling the speed inside the pipes. The result is the total elimination of powder formation and the complete elimination of the ‘angel hair’ phenomenon. A touch-screen control makes this operation very simple.

If you would like to talk to TH Plastics about the KruiseKontrol and its capabilities, please get in touch with us on 01457 855514.