Focus on … DPM Pulsed Microdoser

TH Plastics’ DPM Pulsed Microdoser is available in a mono-component version, specifically designed for dosing masterbatch to natural virgin plastic materials, as well as in versions for dosing three and up to four additive components.

DPM Pulsed Microdoser

According to the percentage to be dosed, DPM can be used in combination with a Rotopulse system or a double eyelid shutter device. DPM does not require the use of a mixer. The reduced quantity of blend released prevents separation of the materials due to vibration or over-mixing.

DPM can be installed on the machines as a normal dosing unit and it adapts perfectly well to plastics processing machines. The hoppers are made entirely of stain-less steel. DPM is used with a Rotopulse system for masterbatch with percentages lower than 4%, while the double eyelid shutter is used with higher percentages. The BASE version is provided with capacitive level sensor.

• 25 ms reaction time
• 0.08 g microbatch
• Precision 0.001 %

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