Featured product, FC Cyclone filters.

We’re always proud to deliver effective and reliable solutions at TH Plastics. That’s why we’re featuring Moretto’s FC Cyclone Filters. Whether you’re looking conveying a large quantity of plastics, or looking to regrind with a high dust content, the FC Cyclone Filters are the perfect piece of equipment for the job.

Boasting an automatic filter and a by-pass valve the FC Cyclone Filters clean by implosion and offer a storage container for the filtered dust.

The FC series makes itself suitable for applications of all scales, available in a range of six sizes. This makes the FC Cyclone a reliable option across all sizes of suction unit. Its versatility is only improved as its DUO Valve is able to feed two machines. The FC Cyclone comes with either a high capacity cellulose filtering cartridge or fabric sleeve filter system. An automatic compressed air filter cleaning device comes as standard with each option. The FC is suitable for Calcium Carbonate (CA CO3) filtration and offers  Different filtering elements up to 0.5 micron.

Using the latest technology to centrifuge the particles, the Cyclone uses a process similar to that of a hurricane to separate the dust particles. This process also increases the service life of the two –micron capacity cellulose filters.

All this delivered by a brand you know you can trust, Moretto. At TH Plastics we’re delighted to be the UK’s only supplier of Moretto’s high quality products. You can view our range here or click here to visit Moretto’s own home site.