Eureka – a revolutionary project

The Eureka project was developed to drastically reduce energy consumption and improve the performance in the PET drying systems. It includes the new X MAX modular dryers, the Flowmatik control device and the exclusive OTX hoppers. Eureka

The modularity of the X MAX dryer allows having large drying systems – up to 20.000 m3/h. The units can be configured from 3 to 10 with up to 32 drying hoppers. The regeneration is made by rotation: while one dryer is in regeneration, the other units continue operation; this guarantees a constant performance. The variable airflow adjusts automatically according to the process requirements avoiding the polymer thermal stress and viscosity variations.

FLOWMATIK is an automatic integrated system for the process air distribution in the multi-hopper systems. It supplies the exact quantity of process air needed by the hoppers. It is able to manage the system, intervening on the single hoppers and controlling the process variables. The machine uses only the needed process air, calculated according to the quantity and the type of the polymer to be treated. Thanks to this performance, the containments of the consumptions is very high.

The exclusive OTX hopper has a new geometry which solves the problem of the non-uniform falling flows and permits to manage the process efficaciously. The air diffusion has been optimized, avoiding the temperature difference. OTX allows getting more uniform ppm moisture in less time.

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