Denso becomes a Moretto fan

The Telford-based manufacturer, which is part of the Japanese Denso Corporation, bought two new Moretto dryers at the back end of last year and another two which are scheduled for delivery in the next couple of months.

Steve Crowther, Denso UK’s technical engineering manager, said that the Moretto brand was chosen as “it offered 35-40% energy savings compared to a normal dessicant dryer”.

Denso, which was set up eight years ago, started out with nine injection moulding machines and now boasts 55 units, 34 of which bought in the past 14-16 months. The equipment purchases were made following a deal to buy Shimzu Industry UK in Wales which was brought in-house and relocated to an in-house mouldshop.

Crowther says: “We planned to move into a newly redesigned mouldshop nearby in June 2013 and were keen not to interrupt production so we moved machinery in phases until September 2014. The mouldshop has 350 metres of pipework.”

The two models of dryers supplied to Denso to date are the XD26A dryer with 1,200 litre OTX drying hopper and XD27A dryer with 1,800 litre OTX drying hopper.

Both were supplied with access platforms and central loading system that can convey glass filled polymers from 200 metres away.

Lee Thomas, managing director of TH Plastics, believes Denso selected the Moretto dryers with drying hoppers because its dryer hopper dries polymer quicker than competitive models. “This means customers need a small dryer which provides customers with energy savings. The other plus point is that since these machines are much more compact they were ideal for Denso, which had floorspace densely populated with machinery.”

Earlier this year Denso Corporation announced its global financial results for the first quarter ending June 30, 2014. It noted that in Europe, car production had increased due to the economic slump recovery which led to an increase in sales to $1.4 bn (£0.9bn), a 17.1% increase from the previous year. “Due to the increase in production volume and the cost reduction effort, the operating income totalled $39.3 million (£25.62m), a 130.5% increase from the previous year,” it added.

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