Can your factory keep its cool this summer?

With the current heatwave forecast to continue, TH Plastics is advising businesses to protect their production lines and invest in a chiller system that can keep its cool during the hot weather.



Many large production operations utilise a centralised chiller system, which serves multiple areas of plant.

During the summer months, these chillers will more than likely be worked much harder than at any other time, granted that the production volumes stay constant through the year.

Lee Thomas, Managing Director of TH Plastics, said: “There is a higher risk of chiller systems breaking down in summer because of this factor, especially older kit.

“Due to centralised chilling systems traditionally being located externally and away from the main production area, they are easily overseen. However, if a chiller system fails, without chilling contingency it is likely to shut down the full plant, bringing production to a stop until it’s fixed.

“If production is stopped, the business is losing time and money. Some even have strict contracts with their suppliers whereby penalties are handed out for any disruptions in production.

“Many of the sites we visit have backup air compressors to ensure minimal to no disruption on any affected equipment, however, all too often we are finding that the chiller system is neglected.”

Lee advised businesses to invest in backup equipment to avoid disruptions entirely and keep production going through the hot weather.

The ancillary solutions provider in Glossop has a number of chiller units available immediately, up to and over 600kW combined capacity, to help machinery cope with the adverse heatwave.

The company, which has its own in-house fabrication arm is also capable of installing all relating pipework from basic manual changeover systems to fully integrated and automated control lines.

TH Plastics’ years of experience has helped many of their customers when installing chilling integrations to improve the system reliability, performance and consumptions.

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